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Advanced Engineering brings many decades of experience and professional relationships to help provide the service you need; the result you are expecting and all at a reasonable cost. We are capable of turn-key solutions to your manufacturing and design requirements.

Multi-Axis Complex Machining

Advanced Engineering, Inc. has close, working relationships with many of the best and most highly qualified machine shops throughout the Twin Cities area. If your requirements will fit within a 20” X 40” X 20” envelope, we can effectively and efficiently manufacture your component with certifiable confidence, traceable integrity along with competitive pricing as well. Vertical and Horizontal Milling, Single or Multi-spindle turning with live tooling (if required) along with Precision Grinding – O.D., I.D., Surface and Centerless. EDM Services with auto-wired feed to .0008” Dia. in addition to several other non-conventional manufacturing procedures.


When critical parameters are defined, and specified, it often times becomes necessary to provide actual, quantifiable measurements and/or data that may be traceable to NIST or proven to be in compliance with your specifications. Advanced Engineering, Inc. can get that done. If we are unable to provide what you need in house, we continue to have open relationships with many independent laboratories that will provide what you need. We understand and we will help you get where you need to go.

Surface Enhancement

Some industry requirements include specialized surface finishes on the end-user products. Advanced Engineering, Inc. can help you accomplish those requirements. We have resident knowledge and working relationships of most surface enhancement processes and suppliers in the Twin City area. Media blasting for flash removal and a predictably reliable appearance as well as improved applied finish adhesion is a common goal and we can help. When a specialized process or procedure is locked in, we can document it and even provide the contacts for the equipment and media necessary to source it on your own.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Nearly every contemporary 3D CAD System as well as many other non-CAD programs have the ability to generate .STL files that are necessary to print your part. Here at Advanced Engineering, Inc. we use SolidWorks, Rev 2015 so we can optimize your model for 3D printing and/or make any necessary repairs within the file to ensure accurate and successful printing. If you have a concept but do not have a 3D CAD Model, we can help create one for you. Give us a call with any questions or send a file to us for evaluation and quotation.


Printed circuit boards – designed, populated and assembled to your specifications is another area of our vast expertise. We can help design and build prototype or developmental quantities ready for assembly or complete electro-mechanical assemblies built exactly to your specifications and requirements – Including TEST. All supplied with compliance to UL, IPC 610 and ISO 13485:2000 whenever required.

Electronic Microprocessor Design

Our reciprocal partnership arrangement with Motion Design, LLC, gives us a wealth of experience with the Design, Development, & Styling of ATV’s, Motorcycles, and Automobile products. It also allows us to combine the rubber-like overmold capability of the Connex 3 with Digital ABS for products that withstand the rough environment of off road usage. It also is ideal for parts such as vents, trim pieces, door handles, and handlebar grips.


Contact us for a complimentary review! If we can’t take on your project, we’ll tell you up front.

No matter what industry you come from, Advanced Engineering is changing the way 3D printing is done. Through highly accurate, cost-effective and time-efficient processes, we deliver the best designs to fit your needs.