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At Advanced Engineering, our primary business is printing your 3D designs. You can rely on us to provide expert engineering services from our experienced staff, whether you have a rough idea or a developed model. From concept to model, to finished product, our engineers will collaborate with you through each step of the process to ensure the most seamless production.

We also have cutting-edge products that save you time and money, and even finished trade show models with movement and lighting to emphasize your products on the show floor.

Our new Connex 3 can build digital ABS molds with from 10 to 250 parts. We also have reciprocal agreements with other 3D companies throughout the US, so we can utilize the best technology for producing your particular design.

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BSEE, Entrepreneur

Robert graduated with honors from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He then went to work for the Aeronautical Division of Honeywell and helped design the electronic controls for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. He was promoted to the position of Senior Principal Development Engineer. He was also accepted and did graduate work at the University of Minnesota towards a MSEE. He left Honeywell and founded an electronic and electromechanical component manufacturing representative company called Comstrand Inc. and built it up to $50 million in sales prior to selling it in 2006. They represented some of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world such as, divisions of RCA, Motorola, Hitachi, Samsung, etc. They also represented the largest passive supplier in the US called AVX Corp. and sold approximately 50% of their sales to the rapidly growing medical equipment manufacturers in the Twin Cities area.

He founded Datasave Inc. to build no-power electronic signs, and MiniC Corp. to manufacturer ultra-miniature leaded resistors and capacitors and he served on the Board of Directors for Viper Motorcycle and Pranah, an electronic “cloud” company.

In 2013 Bob was drawn toward the world of 3D printing and had the good fortune to become associated with Stratasys Inc., the most advanced manufacturer of 3D machines in the world. Because of his experience with the medical business, Bob selected their highest level machine called an Objet500 Connex3 and started a service bureau company called Advanced Engineering Inc. It is located in a modern building in the heart of “Medical Alley” at 6299 University Ave. near Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and many supporting medical companies.


Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Egan studied Mechanical Drafting and Machine Tool Technology at the Dunwoody College of Technology and spent a number of years as a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker. He later earned a BSME and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Minnesota and attended the U of M Law school.

Over the years he held various engineering, quality assurance and management positions with local high-tech manufacturers such as Control Data Corporation and its Magnetic Peripherals subsidiary, Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology, Hutchinson Technology, and Johnstech International Corporation.

In 2012 he founded a firm specializing in the design, construction and implementation of sophisticated tooling and automation equipment for customers in the electronics and medical products industries, and in 2014 he joined Advanced Engineering as Vice President and Chief Technical Officer.

No matter what industry you come from, Advanced Engineering is changing the way 3D printing is done. Through highly accurate, cost-effective and time-efficient processes, we deliver the best designs to fit your needs.